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Pooling resources

Posted on Tue Nov 5th, 2019 @ 3:08am by Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri & Commander Finchley Kerr

Mission: The Year that never was...
Location: Executive Officers office
Timeline: Current.

Once the briefing meeting had broken up, Finchley had invited J'Loni to accompany him to his office. Once they were inside he said "Computer, stop all recording devices inside this room, also stop all inward and out ward communications, authorisation Kerr Alpha Alpha Sigma three three six two."

=^=Recordings devices switched off, all communications stopped=^=

"Good" Finchley said, and turned back to J'Loni "Have a seat, we need to have a chat about your missions out here, see if there's anything we can glean or use to help us. Please don't worry about authorisation to discuss this, I'm Starfleet Intelligence level nine. I may not currently be on secondment to Intelligence, but my rank and my file remains open and active at all times. Now, you said in the briefing you been on two classified missions in the deep space, one which was to Deep Space six and the other which was deep into the Gamma Quadrant. What were they about?"

"First off neither were into the Gamma Quadrant. Both were the Delta Quadrant, and yes there were two missions. The first was the USS Avenger.
We were ordered to go deep into Borg Space to locate the Borg Sphere 7523 that grabbed Admiral Robinson from his flagship USS Avenger. The Avenger was on a mission to the Krenim Imperium to discuss treaty terms about Temporal Incursions. It was suggested that they no longer were to use their temporal incursions to change time events thus changing the timelines already set. Apparently the Borg got wind of this and abducted the Admiral in hopes to learn of the Krenim's ability to change the temporal timeline. Why they were so interested we didn't know but nevertheless we followed orders", J'Loni said.

"We were outfitted with a Romulan cloaking prototype from the Remans. This cloak was a perfect cloak and it boggles my mind as to how perfect it was. It was not the first time I was exposed to this cloak either. It was my second time. A previous mission I was on brought me into contact with it the first time. In anycase, we cloaked and caught up with the sphere. We used the transporter armbands to change our bio signs and boarded the sphere. After two hours we located the Admiral and quickly transported him back to the Avenger and beat it back to the starbase. The Admiral we rescued was healed and that was that," she finished.

Finchley looked at J'Loni, but said nothing at first, then said "Excuse me a moment" and walked across to his control terminal. His quickly typed in his command codes, then entered a search, and cross referenced it. What he read on the screen made him read it a second time, just to make sure he'd read it correctly. He had, so he closed the search and logged out of the Intel files and walked back across to J'Loni.

"When we were in the mission briefing, you said you'd been on two deep space intel missions, one at Deep Space Six, the other in the Gamma Quadrant" Finchley said "and now, here, you're telling me that neither of those missions were in the Gamma Quadrant. So, either you lied in the mission briefing in front of the Captain and the rest of the Senior Staff, or you're lying to me right now. I'm level nine Intel Commander, there are no restrictions on the files I can pull on any serving Intel Officer, past or present. I know which of the stories you told is true, what I want to know is, why would you have wanted to lie in the first place?"

"With all due respect Commander, yes in front of the captain and the others on the bridge I did lie. At the end of both missions we were forbidden to ever speak about these missions. Because they both held classified information about technology and Fleet personnel, we were told under the penalty of death not to speak of it to anyone unless they had the clearance. In this case only you have that clearance, but no one else and you are SFI", she stated.

"Commander, with all due respect, you lied to your Commanding Officer" Finchley said "and by admitting this I'm duty bound to inform him. You could have said that both missions were in the Delta Quadrant, but that unless everyone had level nine SFI clearance you couldn't openly discuss them but you'd do so with myself in private. That way you weren't breaking SFI protocols, not even bending them slightly, you were staying within your SFI information remit."

He stood up and walked back towards the console he'd just been at. Turning back around he said "What were you thinking Commander Mo'Bri, do you have any idea how this reflects on you?"

Shaking her head as she just now realized she may have done damage to their personal relationship, "I was following orders but I didn't realize.......or expect you to react like this. It does look bad, I will admit and it does reflect badly on me but the seriousness of my second mission forbids me to even talk about it to you. So again I am breaking protocol yet again. I will tell you in any case, if I am to be damned I might as well be damned for everything!," J'Loni said angrily, not angry with Kerr but angry with herself.

"The second mission was a doozy. It involved The capture of Taylor Talisman, a known murderer for hire. He murdered Admiral Robert Robinson in cold blood in front of thousands at a Federation Peace Accord. He then attempted to murder the rest of the Admiral's family the same day in their home. How he did it was anybodies guess. He escaped by using a transwarp transporter and we found him some thirty days later hiding in an asteroid field near the Kremin border. After a battle we finally cornered him and took him into custody but not before we had two Kremin warships hop on our asses. After some fancy flying we made it back with only moderate damage. The Kremin are obsessed with time and correcting their timeline to the point they would change history to accomplish their own agenda", J'Loni said.

"Fortunately for yourself" Finchley said "you can talk to me about it because I headed up the Intelligence investigation into how Admiral Robinson was killed. Up till now, I never knew who did it, but I do know how they did it. So, because this is part of the same Starfleet Intelligence file, neither of us has broken protocol because the file is still 'live' and we both worked on it, for separate reasons of course. Two of the accomplices of the murderer escaped before they could be captured, and they're being hunted to this day, hence the file still being 'live'. We found a micro fusion inverter in the Admirals intestine. It had been transported in whilst he slept, so he'd have known nothing about it. We know it was transported in because of the residue left on the inverter. The radmium fed into his bloodstream would have been in small doses, but once it started to attack his major organs there was nothing that could be done, he was basically a dead man walking" he finished.

He sighed "Look J'Loni, we need to get one thing straight. I'm the ships XO, and you're the everything we do must reflect honesty and integrity otherwise what the hell are we doing in these positions. I just found out you openly an entire Senior Staff. That now has me wondering if you can be trusted with continuing as the ships 2XO...or in our own relationship. I thought I was beginning to get to know you both professionally and personally, now I'm second guessing myself."

"I was wrong! Ok......and I admit it but telling any information to anyone else would have violated my own convictions. However now I see that maybe I should have kept my mouth shut about the whole thing. You think. I like lieing? It is a cowards way and not the Klingon way!", she said bitterly. Quickly putting her face in her hands to hide the anger and tears that welled up she softly cried. Thus whole thing was getting out of hand and she was in the middle of it again.

Now it was Finchley's turn to feel his anger rising "Do you think in this particular circumstance and situation I give a damn about your own personal convictions?" he nearly shouted "You're a Starfleet Officer for Gods sake, and yes, sometimes seconded to Intelligence, but none the less a Starfleet Officer all the same and you're duty bound to tell the truth, NOT lie! And for the record, leave the Klingon references at the door, on this ship, whilst you're on duty and you wear the uniform, you're not a Klingon, you're a Starfleet Officer first and last and you'll remember that!"

He walked back towards the console he'd been at earlier and he did so he said "I have no idea how I can explain this to the Captain, but one things for sure, they're not going to be happy. Best we end this meeting now, dismissed Commander Mo'Bri."

Looking at Finchley, she knew exactly what he meant. How this would be preceived by the Captain and seinor staff she could only guess. Without looking at him she turned and walked out of his office. Once outside, she fled to her quarters and threw herself on her bed crying, angry with herself.

Commander Finchley Kerr
Executive Officer
USS Lantau

Lt. Cmdr. J'Loni Mo'Bri
USS Lantau


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