USS Lantau
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A heavy resignation

Posted on Fri Oct 25th, 2019 @ 10:10pm by Captain Evelynn Haught

Mission: The Year that never was...
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: One and a half hours before Staff briefing

Evelynn Haught stood in front of the tall standup mirror she had in her ready room. Reaching up towards her neckline she ran her fingers across the five pips that were adorning her uniform. Fleet Captain. That was what the five pips indicated.

Evelynn remembered the day when she had gotten the news that she had been promoted to the rank. It was the highlight of her day.

Pinching her fingertips around the fifth pip she plucked it off of her collar. Looking down into the palm of her hand she stared at the small gold pip for a few moments.

After gathering enough strength she closed her fist around the pip and sat down at her desk and tapped in a few commands of her terminal.

"Computer, encrypt a message to be sent directly to the Chief of Fleet Operations, Pegasus Fleet HQ," she said. "Office of Rear Admiral William Kelly."

The computer beeped and chirped. "Ready." came the cool methodical voice of the computer.

"Greetings Admiral Kelly,

I know that you have just been promoted to the office as Admiral Rhimer's successor, and I don't like adding more weight and paper work what you already but..." she paused for a second. "I am stepping down as Task Force Commander for Task Force 37. I know, not news you'd like to hear. I will remain Lantau as its Commanding Officer but as soon as applicable I ask that you send a replacement to take over the Task Force at your earliest.

Captain Evelynn Haught
Commanding Officer
USS Lantau"

Evelynn finished with her letter. "Computer. Encrypt and send to Admiral Kelly.

The computer beeped a few more times. "Task complete." came its musical reply.

Looking back down at the pip still in her hand she got up and went over to the replicator. She placed the pip in the small cubical. "Computer, recycle."

A small hum sounded as the replicator powered up and dissolved the small pip.

Turning around Evelynn went over to the window that had adorned the rear wall of her office and stared out at the planet below. She was a captain again and if Starfleet wanted to ever give her another promotion they had better sweeten the deal first.


Written by:

Captain Evelynn Haught
Commanding Officer
USS Lantau


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