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"A Second Meeting"

Posted on Thu Oct 24th, 2019 @ 4:25am by Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri & Commander Finchley Kerr

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Arboretum


J'Loni had decided that the best place to meet with Cmdr. Kerr would be better in the Arboretum and having a picnic type brunch. Replicating the proper basket and blanket, she prepared the brunch they would eat, she commed the Commander.

"Comdr. Kerr would you care to join me in the Arboretum for a picnic brunch", she said.

Finchley, off duty and relaxing in his quarters, was sitting reading a detective novel from one of his favourite authors when his COMM link chirruped and the message from J'Loni came through. The picnic idea sounded fantastic, and he had to admit he was feeling a little peckish.

She dressed in a blue chiffon pants outfit with a gold trimmed yellow shirt. Allowing her hair to fall loosely on her shoulders she waited for his response.

"I'd be delighted to Commander Mo'Bri, I'll see you there in ten minutes" Finchley replied, then closed the link. Walking over to his wardrobe, he opened and tried to selected an appropriate outfit. Settling on a pair of fawn chino trousers and a round necked plain white shirt, he quickly got himself ready and made his way out of his quarters and to the arboretum. Walking in, the calmness of the place washed over him and he stopped, closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath through his nostrils. Slowly letting the breath out, he felt wonderful as he looked around for J'Loni.

He caught site of her slightly further inside, and as he walked towards her, the light suddenly shone and surrounded her in a full body halo and he was suddenly taken by her striking beauty. She stood tall and proud, holding herself with such assuredness that he wanted to capture that moment forever. Her features were of such noble beauty that it almost made him cry, and he found himself hurrying towards her.

He stopped a couple of steps away from her and said "I'm sorry if I kept you waiting J'Loni, thank you for inviting me."

"No, as a matter of fact I just arrived," J'Loni said as his features nearly took her breath away. The pants color just accentuated his masculine build and his shirt showed his muscular outline of a handsome man. There was a certain glow or auroa around him that gave the appearence of a astral being. He glowed with the strebgth of the mystical god Thor. Something she read in Earth's ancient mythology one day while she was reading. "I'm so glad you could come Finchley. I figured we could spend some time together getting to know each other. Maybe share stories of our Academyvdays or past missions or....well whatever tickles our fancy", she added. "I made up a picnic basket with goodies from Earth and Betazed. I didn't think you would like Klingon dishes, so I left them out", she chuckled.

"What, no Bregit lung or Gagh or Rokeg blood pie?" Finchley laughed "that's a real shame, I'm sure I'd have enjoyed them....not!" he laughed again. Looking around, he saw the perfect spot for them to sit and lay out the picnic "Shall we go over there?" he asked.

Looking to where he pointed, she saw a small area with a willow tree and cut grass flowers and believe it or not, a small stream running right next to it. It was beautiful and full of life. "Oh my goodness that is the perfect spot Finchley", J'Loni said softly.

As they began to walk he said "So, with the Academy, were you a swot or a hell raiser?"

"Me a swot? Never I was a hell raiser. Bold, out spoken, quick tempered and always out to prove a point", she added chuckling as they walked over to the area.

Finchley laughed as he said "Yes, I think I can envisage you as you as the hell raiser type, striking fear into your instructors!"

They reached the spot and he helped lay out the picnic and as he did he asked "So what drew you to engineering as a career then, have you always been technically minded?"

"My teething ring was a hyperspanner!", she laughed as she set out the food stuffs. "Father insisted that most of my things related to engineering. Mother agreed, but she was more of the teddybear type. I had a few Klingon dolls but the bulk of my things were related to engineering tools and technical objects", J"Long said chuckling as she sat down. "How about yourself Finchley? The Academy days?", she asked.

"Oh, I was a bit of a tear away" Finchley chuckled, stopping for a second and thinking back "I was never away from 'the headmasters room' for one reason or another. It mostly had to do with the other cadets idea's on what they thought was my pampered background, but to be perfectly honest, it wasn't as pampered as they thought it was. Anyway, after a few scraps and scrapes, trips to the 'heedy's room', I was sort of accepted into the fraternity, but there were still a few more scraps and unusual happenings along the way....including a goat that mysteriously appeared in the Academy Commandants officer one night and that managed to....well, you know....empty it's bowels...on the Commandants desk."

"Oh my goodness, not on his desk? Goat manure? Oh yuck. I bet it stunk to high hell", J'Loni said laughing. "That reminds me of an instance in the academy when my companion bird Squiggy was flying thru the corridors looking for me and upon finding me came and sat on my head in class. You should have seen my instructor. He was pissed off so badly he couldn't stop laughing and he peed his pants to make matters worse", she added.

Finchley laughed at the thought of the bird on J'Loni's head, then replied "I bet that wasn't forgotten in the class for a while. In regards to the goat in the Commandants office, I didn't get to close to anyone who was looking into the matter, I thought it best to keep my distance, but I'd imagine it must have been rather ripe in there, yes. So who was your engineering instructor?"

"Professor Grimmly! We used to call him 'Grim the Grimmly', cause he always had a grim facial expression", J'Loni said laughing. "He was always droning on in one even toned long unending sentence", she added laughing.

"Sounds awful" Finchley laughed "I bet you can do a pretty decent impersonation of him" he added, still laughing.

"True but I think my flight instructor was the funniest instructor yet. Cmdr. Whitfield. She would actually get up on her desk put her arms straight out and pretend to be an airplane. She would make the noises of the ack ack guns and shout when the bullets hit the wings. With her dipping and diving, one day she got carried away and during one of her flights she dipped to low and landed on her ass and all of us including her were dying in the room", J'Loni said laughing to the point she was crying.

Finchley found himself laughing along just as hard at the picture J'Loni had painted of her flight instructor, and he found himself feeling light in spirit as well and in body, something he'd not experienced in a long long time.

As they both recovered from their fit of laughter, he found himself staring distantly towards some trees. "J'Loni, I..." he began to say, then wasn't sure he should continue.

"What is it Finchley? Don't be afraid to speak your heart or mind", J'Loni said gently puting her hand on his and squeezed it gently.

He looked down at her hand on his, then up again into her eyes "It's been a very long time since I've had an intimate relationship with anyone, and because of that, I've buried those feelings so deep inside me that I'm frightened to bring them up to the surface again. You see, what feels like a lifetime ago, I was deeply madly in love with a woman called Ash, we served together on the USS Frannery. One day, she started to complain about a sore head, so we started to head for sickbay, but she collapsed half way there. She'd had a massive brain haemorrhage, and there was nothing the medical staff could do for her, she died three days later. I swore to myself that never again would I allow my feelings to be so deep for another, no-one...then I met you. From the first time I met you, the feelings that I thought were dead and buried began to resurface...slowly. I'm frightened to fall in love with you and have those deep set feelings of love, care, wonderment, intimacy. What if I let go completely, fall head over heels in love with you and something happens and I lose you...I don't think I could take that kind of emotional loss all over again. At the same time, I can't stop thinking about you, you're unbelievably beautiful, funny, caring, sensitive, kind and when you want to be...scary as hell!"

He looked longingly into her eyes, he knew he'd been given a second chance to find a soul mate, and he didn't know what to do.

"Help me J'Loni" he begged her softly "what do I do?"

J'Loni, slightly surprised, took a deep slow breath in and then out. She could sense the turmoil from him and it was at that moment her Betazoid side came out, pushing the Klingon side onto the back burner.

"Finchley, I sense your feelings of turmoil. You are scared to let your feelings go. I don't think Ash would want you not to be happy if you opened up your feelings for another. I am sure were she here she would tell you to go ahead and let your heart talk again. Live and be happy again. Allow those dead feelings return and be happy again. If your feelings for me are what you say then don't hold back let them come forward and be free. I am not going anywhere nor am I planning on losing my life. I fight to stay alive and breathe for another day. If your heart beats for mine, as mine beats for yours, then let them become one heart", J"Loni said. There she had just opened up her inner most feelings for him. "Allow yourself to love again Finchley. You are a kind, generous, careing and tender man and I am the lucky one to fall in love with you", she added.

What J'Loni said to Finchley struck him deep, right into his very soul. He moved forward, placing the back of his hand on her cheek and gently running it back over her skin, up into her hair and pushing the hair back. He gently turned his hand around and placed it around the back of her head and held it there. Looking deep into her eyes, he felt he could see the very pools of her own soul and he wanted to lose himself there, and it was at that point he allowed his deeply held back feelings to surface.

"J'Loni, my heart beats for you passionately" he whispered gently "every time I see you, every time you give me that warm smile, I feel like my hearts going to burst out of my chest. I love you...I know we've not known each other intimately very long...but I love you more and more each day, I want to be with you, always. I count myself as one of the luckiest people alive to have the honour of knowing we feel the same way" he finished.

J'Loni did not resist but instead she put her own hand on his shoulder and the other on the side of his cheek, "Finchley our hearts beat as one. Forever entwined with each others love. While it is true we have not known each other long, the love between us is very strong and everyday I find myself unable to be without you. True it might seem strange but stranger things have happened between two hearts beating as one. I wish to spend the rest of my life with you", she declared.

Finchley smiled warmly at J'Loni, "I feel the same way, but all these repressed feelings I've kept down suddenly being allowed to surface have me at sixes and sevens. Can we take it slowly please, I don't want to rush this and mess it up, I want to be able enjoy the time we share together. I want to get to know you, the real won't stop me ribbing you mercilessly at Senior Staff meeting though, that's just a gimme!" he laughed.

J'Loni kissed him quickly, "Finchley you can rib me half to death and it wouldn't bother me", she said laughing. "As long as you feel it necessary to sort out your.....sixes and sevens?........I will wait for you my love. I pledge my heart for only you". Looking at him, "Oh this is going to be a surprise for the captain and our families", she said chuckling. Truth be told her grand parents would be surprised along with the Chancellor.

"Sixes and sevens are just another way of saying it's a feeling of uncertainty, it's an old Earth phrase" Finchley explained "and to agree with you, yes, this will be a surprise to both our families and also the Captain. One things for certain though, I'm going to leave it to you to explain it to the Chancellor!" he chuckled.

"Oh you would!", J'Loni said laughing. " knew my grandparents were on the High Council? Ah...aren't you the sly one", she said laughing. "You know cause you were SFI at one time. You sly fox you", she said softly as she kissed him passionately.

"Actually" Finchley started to say as their lips parted from the passionate kiss, "I didn't know your Grandparents were on the Council, I just didn't want to be the one who had to face the Chancellor and tell him...I've heard he's got quite the temper!!!" he added, reaching forward himself and passionately returning the kiss.

"Well, she said as the kiss finished, "Yes he does but after you get past that hard exterior, he is a pussy cat," she said laughing. "Oh shit! Computer time.......

"Time is 2230 hrs," came the response.

"Oh Fek'lar.....I have the next shift. Finchley we must do this again before the wedding," J'Loni said as they started to leave. "I love you hun.......can I stop by after my shift," she said and fled leaving Finchley laughing at her dust.


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