USS Lantau
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"Old Emotions Surfacing"

Posted on Tue Sep 24th, 2019 @ 4:02am by Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri

Mission: Side Posts
Location: CEO's Quarters


Sitting in her quarters, J'Loni felt as if her world had collapsed around her. Why she felt like this was unknown and it bothered her. She got up from her bed and walked out into the exterior of her quarters and replicated something to eat. Maybe eating some Rokeg blood pie would settle her mind. Lone Wolf followed her and sat by her as she ate. Looking at the wolf she smiled as he always knew when something troubled her. "Lone Wolf, you know don't you boy", she said as he nuzzled her knee. Reaching down, she rubbed his head and neck affectionately and was rewarded by a face cleaning. "Ok...ok silly boy", she laughed.

Sheba came bounding in knocking Lone Wolf off his feet, making them both slide across the floor. J'Loni broke out laughing as they skidded onto the far wall. "You two silly wolves. You make me laugh especially when it is needed", she chuckled.

Pulling out the bearskin and buffalo hide, she sank into the soft fur thankfully. Both wolves laid down alongside her and it made J'Loni feel safe. It also allowed her to think clearly about her position on the ship and her own feelings that she had towards Cmdr. Kerr.

When J'Loni first came aboard the Lantau, her first meeting with Kerr, then XO the first time around, was brief at best but she admired him as he was also of an intelligence background. He struck her as a man of great pride and strength yet he possessed a startling quality most intelligence operatives don't show; compassion. The ability to care about someone yet maintain their perspective in their job. At first J'Loni was only attracted to his professionalism as an Executive office and how he handled himself around others. But as time went on, through casual meetings and discussions she became more and more attracted to him.

When the mission with the borg happened, it became more evident to her that she had true feelings for Kerr. She could not tell him before the mission of how she felt about him as it could have changed the outcome of his involvement in the mission. Yet as the mission advanced, the heightened emotions of the crew and those of the Clip's sent her into a tailspin where with the death of Kerr nearly broke her heart. She had no idea that she felt for him in the way she did and when suddenly he returned from death's doorstep she realized that her concern for his welfare was more than just officers and friends. Something had rekindled an old emotion that she had long forgotten.

Getting up quickly she opened her computer console and opened a comlink to the Klingon home world to her grandmother. E'Lor's face filled the screen, "Granddaughter this is a surprise to be sure but your face is troubled
What has happened?", she asked.

"Grandmother, I have need of your counsel. I find myself getting old emotions that I had long forgotten. These feelings are of caring and affection towards one of my officers. I find myself thinking of being with him offduty. I am confused because I have feelings for him and I am not sure……", J'Loni got cut off by E'Lor's laugh.

"Granddaughter, I see that my jin'tagh has brought you good fortune. Those forgotten feelings are of love. Because you are half Betazoid, they will surface in the ways that humans feel. Your heart is telling you that you do care more for that man than you would another. Have you spoken with him and let him know how you feel?", E'Lor asked.

"Yes we have spoken and well…..I did tell him how I felt about him. But grandmother I am not sure if he has the same feelings for me. He is kind, compassionate, understanding, strong in character. He has an endearing quality that you find in Klingon males…..a fierce sense of loyalty. All the things I would want in my mate but……", J'Loni was again cut off by E'Lor's laugh.

"J'Loni, you are falling in love my dear. All of what you say is what a woman feels when she has been captivated by a man. There is nothing wrong with feeling the way you are. Talk with him, spend time doing things together when not on duty but do not crowd him. Remember if he is human, they will show their affections differently than klingons do, but remember you too are part humanoid", E'Lor said smiling broadly.

J'Loni sat there stunned by what E'Lor had said. It was all true! Looking at E'Lor, "Grandmother, is that how you felt about grandfather?", she asked.

"Yes J'Loni, but not quite in the way you feel now. But yes, love in any species is the natural bond between two hearts that become one. Pursue what your heart is leading you. Know this, wherever it leads you and to whom, you have our approval", E'Lor said.

"Thank You grandmother, I will speak with you again", J'Loni said and closed the comlink. "Sheba, Lone Wolf, I think my heart is headed in the right direction. I will follow it and be patient wherever it leads me," she said, hugging both wolves tightly.


Lt. Cmdr. J'Loni Mo'Bri
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Lantau


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