USS Lantau
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Executive Politics

Posted on Tue May 28th, 2019 @ 12:07am by Ensign Jeff Elazar & Lieutenant Commander Johnny Walker

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Executive Officer's Office


Soon after the meeting with the ship's Captain, Jeff had left her Ready Room and took a turbolift away from the bridge so as to take a tour of his new ship. It was his first posting on a starship and so seeing the sights was most definitely an important step. But while familiarizing himself with the ship was vital, getting to know more of the crew was of urgent concern to Jeff as well. He decided to switch gears and instructed the lift to take him to another place on the ship where there was another officer of whom he had to meet and hopefully get off on the right foot with. The lift arrived and with a quick stroll through a hallway, Jeff now stood in front of the office of the person he needed to see. He pressed the door chime and awaited a response.

Johnny was compiling his report on the mission to date when the chime rang, telling him someone was waiting on the other side. A little confused as he wasn't expecting anyone, he got up from his desk. "Enter."

After pressing the button to open the door, Jeff walked into the room and saw a Lieutenant Commander standing up behind his desk waiting with what appeared to be eagerness to greet him. Jeff stepped forward and began to introduce himself, "Hello, I'm Ensign Jeff Elazar, the Lantau's new Chief Diplomatic Officer. It's a pleasure to meet you. He waited to see if he'd be offered any kind of handshake before taking his next move.

Coming around from behind his desk, he offered the young officer his hand. "Nice to meet you, Ensign. Welcome aboard. How can I help you?"

Graciously, Jeff accepted the handshake and nodded his head in appreciation. "Thank you Sir. I figured I'd drop by and give us the chance to meet each other while it was on my mind, not to mention it's kind of protocol to do so." Jeff allowed the full realization of the moment to sink in before continuing, "So, I was wondering what your vision for a diplomatic officer in the Delta Quadrant should be and how you think I should be proceeding with that?" Of course he had his own ideas, but getting external feedback was important too.

Johnny motioned towards one of the chairs in front of his desk and took the other one. "Well, Ensign, primarily I would ask that you are up to date on the Federation's protocols in first contact situations as there are a lot of peoples out here whom we have not met yet, or at the very least haven't made contact with in more than 20 years. With those we have met, I'd like you to be familiar with what information we do have and be ready to advise the Captain and I when we encounter them." Pausing for a moment. "I apologize for my rudeness, Ensign, can I get you something to drink before we continue?"

"Certainly, Commander. A pale synthale please; and no need to apologize at all." Jeff took a seat as offered and looked towards the First Officer to show that he was listening actively. "Indeed, I've already made sure to keep up to date regarding first contact policies and procedures, the political and diplomatic courses at the Academy make sure to cover the advanced topics too. Delta quadrant species will be something I'm going to need to research quite a lot, with the obvious exception of the Borg as I've studied them already. I suppose I will need complete access to the ship's database in order to more fully understand exactly what...who I'm going to be dealing with."

Ordering two synthales, Johnny handed one to Jeff. Sitting back down, he took a drink. "I feel learning all we can is the best way to lay the foundation. I'll see to it that you have access to all the relevant databases."

Taking the mug in hand, Jeff quickly took a drink from it and a grin of grim satisfaction slowly appeared in his face. "Education in all forms as the best way, naturally," he replied. "Thank you for the help. What has been your experience so far with the races out here? Do you notice any particular sociopolitical trends that most tend towards?"

"I've mainly dealt with the Borg since I've joined the Lantau and have been focused on them for the most part. From what I've seen of other ship's reports, the Hirogen are well organized and very territorial. They're willing to fight to the last man and a very formidable opponent." Johnny stopped to take another drink. "The Vaadwaur are another race to watch out for. Very little is known about them, but they've had 16 years to rebuild their empire and our knowledge of how they're currently equipped is limited."

Jeff cradled the mug and took another drink from it to help him adjust to the newfound knowledge just obtained. "Well, it seems as though we're primarily dealing with aggressive species out here then, militant, dominant, uncompromising, among other things. That doesn't leave much room for diplomatic efforts now does it? ..."

Johnny took a long swig from his glass. "Yes and no, Ensign. While your assessment of the species is accurate, with maybe one or two exceptions, there's always room for diplomacy. It isn't always easy and can actually be quite difficult at times, but there's usually a chance for a diplomatic resolution. That's one of the reasons ships have the type of staff structure they do, we can draw on each others strengths and insights to look at any situation from many different angles."

Now taking a moment to look outside the adjacent viewport, Jeff smiled and nodded his head in complete agreement. "Yes, I couldn't have said it better myself. Then again, if making peaceful relations with everyone in the galaxy were easy, we'd have no enemies and our influence would stretch across the whole galaxy by now, eh? The work to establish such relations is difficult indeed, but well worth every ounce of effort we can pour into it while we can." And on the drop of his latest words, Jeff took another drink from his glass.

"I agree, Ensign. I'm unsure of where we're going once we've completed our current mission, but I think walking into any new encounter ready for anything is always a good idea." Johnny said before finishing his drink.

Likewise, Jeff also completed his own drink and recycled the glass before giving the Commander his attention once more. "Well, I'd say our first meeting was a diplomatic success, wouldn't you say? Is there anything else that you'd like to discuss? Otherwise, I really should get back to starting up my office here on the ship. I also think I need to schedule a meeting with the ship's Chief of Intelligence to compare notes with. Would you happen to know if they are available?"

"I believe it has gone well, Ensign. We've covered all we need to cover for now. I'm not sure of our CIO's schedule, but he's approachable and easy to get a hold of." Johnny rose and extended his hand. "It was good to meet you Ensign Elazar."

Jeff reached out his own hand and accepted the offer of the handshake with one of his own, a firm yet gentle one conveying peace of mind and body within it for just a moment of physical contact. "Likewise, it was good to meet you as well. I'm looking forward to seeing how my methods work out here in the Delta Quadrant. I'll take my leave now as I'm sure you have a lot of work to do, just like I do." And with that, Jeff stood up from the chair and walked out of the room with a more determined outlook on his new job and responsibilities aboard the ship.


Ensign Jeff Elazar
Chief Diplomatic Officer


Lieutenant Commander Johnny Walker
Executive Officer


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