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Shuttles, Escape Pods and More people... Oh My!!!

Posted on Mon May 6th, 2019 @ 10:15pm by Captain Evelynn Haught & Lieutenant Commander Johnny Walker & Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri & Lieutenant JG Yirvass Daar (Prureen) & Lieutenant JG Addison MacKenzie & Ensign Rostra Tang & Chief Petty Officer Sulvek & Petty Officer 1st Class Mizu Nisix

Mission: Vivere aut non vivere ...
Location: Various Locations
Timeline: As the Lantau leaves the Dead Zone

Evelynn Haught exited sickbay and made her way back to the bridge. She had ordered the helm to set a course out of the so called Dead Zone and back into normal space. But what she didn't know was that another surprise was waiting for her and her crew.

Stepping into the turbolift, Evelynn gave the computer her destination. Riding the lift in silence she began thinking about all that had gone on the last few hours.

As the lift arrived at the bridge the hiss of the doors opened to the sound of beeps and whoops of what could only be described as utter chaos.

"Report!" said Evelynn calling out as she exited the turbolift onto the main bridge.

“Steady as she goes Captain.” YirVass said standing and moving from the captains' chair to his normal location behind her head.
“Still no attack, smooth sailing as they say.”

Evelynn walked over to the captain's chair and took the bridge back from the security officer. It was good to hear that there were no more Borg vessels. She was ready to put this mission behind her.

There was still that small mystery that kept bugging her. The group that they rescued from the Borg ship for all junior officers. 'So where were all the senior officer's and the Clips CO?'

Sitting up straighter in her chair Evelynn cleared her throat a little. "Are we clear enough from the Dead Zone to get accurate sensor reading?"

"Still some residual interference. We should be completely clear of the field in about sixty seconds." Rostra toned in from her station. Even though it wasn't truly necessary, both forms turned to address Evelynn more directly. "Once we're clear, we can begin scanning ..." and she stopped talking. Just up and done.

Her twin picked up the conversation without missing a beat. "... the region, just bear in mind we wouldn't be able to scan inside the Dead Zone." she reminded.

J'Loni, having been cleared by the counselor entered the bridge with the intention of reporting to the captain, when she overheard the banter about the Dead Zone. "With all due respect, the scanners can't, but I might if we get close enough in a search pattern", she said.

"How close would you need to get?" Rostra asked, with all the curiosity due to her station.

"How close were we to the Borg cube with the Clip crew and Commander Kerr?", J'Loni asked calmly.

The Dalacari had a few choice words about that notion but luckily the bridge crew would be spared such. "Hold that thought, please. Captain, we've cleared the Dead Zone. Sensors are back at optimal." said one of the two forms of Rostra Tang.

"We can begin scanning at your order."

"Okay, let's make sure there are no more surprises out there. Sensors on full." said Evelynn.

"Captain permission to take my station, sir?", J'Loni asked.

"Permission granted Lieutenant." said Haught.

"Thank you, captain, it is good to be back working again. I needed to get back to my job", J'Loni said smiling. Taking her station she quickly activated it and began monitoring the engines and systems.

"Sensors on full sweep." Rostra echoed. Whatever J'Loni felt to add to the scan was on her, but the last time the Dalacari witnessed her unbridled psychic power, she was nearly hospitalized and relieved of duty. To think someone would be willing to go through that again was just..

She shook her heads, and continued at her task.

[30 Minutes later]

Small beeps of alarms began sounding on the operations console. "Ma'am, sir." called out the Operations officer Petty Officer Mizu Nisix. "I'm picking up multiple distress signals."

Johnny turned towards the Ops station. "Get a fix on their locations so we can home in on them and start recovery, Petty Officer."

"Transporter rooms ready to begin transports. All systems are at 100% functionality", J'Loni stated

"The signals are bearing 053 marks 149, one hundred forty-five billion kilometers away. I'm sending the coordinates to the helm," said Nisix.

Turning to the helm. "Helm, take us to those coordinates. Let's get those people onto the Lantau." Johnny said.

Tapping a small button on her command chair Evelynn spoke. "Bridge to sickbay. Prepare for more possible wounded. We believe we have found the rest of the Clip's crew."

Addison pressed her commbadge. "We'll be ready, Captain."

Sulvek looked up from the helm console as it quietly beeped at him. "Sir's we are closing in on the coordinates." said the Vulcan.

"Sensors, can you tell if there are any wounded?" asked Evelynn.

"Scanning now." both of the forms of Rostra commented, before turning her full attention to the panel to being the scan. "Results are coming in, reading a few wounded but not as terrible as it..."

"... could have been. Once we have a better scan, I can prioritize the wounded for transport first," she commented, her conversation going from one form to the other seamlessly.

Content that the ship was functioning 100% she pulled up the sensor grid for coordinates to see if she could fine tune them for Ens. Tang. Making a few changes in resolution and added some more power to the sensors, and adding a second set of algorithms to enhance the visuals, "Ens. Tang you should be able to scan now at a much better resolution" J'Loni said looking at the view screen.

"Appreciations, ma'am. Scanning now." one of the pair commented while the other restarted the scanner sweep. The second algorithm added a tiny delay to the scan results, but Rostra was nothing if not cheerful and patient. "I have them, Captain. Sending the results to the helm. I can't tell their exact status at the moment, but I can differentiate between..."

"... injured and uninjured. I'll keep the sensors running to fine tune the results. We'll have transporter lock in fifty-six seconds."

"Once you get positive locks, beam the injured to sickbay and the rest to transporter room two." said Haught. Looking at her first Officer she made a sideways lurch with her head. "Lets go welcome the rest of the Clips crew on board Commander."

Johnny nodded. "Sounds good to me, ma'am." He replied as they headed towards the turbolift.

"Engineering keep your eyes on the power distribution nodes. I don't want them to overload while transports are in progress, Mo'Bri out", J'Loni said quickly.

YirVass was like a slug with his eyes on stalks he was watching his console while also watching everything else. He watched the surrounding space for expected enemies he expected the Borg had already sent a vessel to investigate their vessels disappearance.

[Bridge Engineering Station]

J'Loni was watching her console as the transports were going on and saw a sudden spike in one of the power couplings. "Fek'lar!", she growled. With her hands racing to correct the power flow it took her a few seconds to correct, hoping her staff in engineering had seen it as well and picked up the slack. Tapping her combadge, "Mo'Bri to Saunders, I hope you saw the spike and made sure the transporters were not affected", she said.

"Yes boss we did. Transporters were not affected Saunders out!", came the reply.

[Transporter Room 2]

The transporter effect had completed its cycle when Evelynn and Johnny walked in. Standing on the transporter padd was a woman in what Evelynn could tell at best, in her late thirties to early forties wearing a red command uniform with gold pips recognizing her as Captain.

Evelynn stepped over to the platform. "I'm Fleet Captain Evelynn Haught." she indicated her first officer. "This my first Officer Commander Walker. Welcome aboard the Lantau."

Johnny nodded. "Welcome aboard, ma'am."

Stepping down from the platform Jorgina Hypes walked over to introduce herself.

"Thank you for rescuing us. I'm Captain Jorgina Hypes." she too indicated to a rather striking young man standing further back. "This is my first officer, Commander Garret Alder."

Evelynn nodded at the commander. "We'll skip the rest of the introductions until later captain, right now the rest of your crew is being transported to sickbay. Once you and your first officer have been cleared by our doctor, Commander Walker and I will need to meet with both you and Commander Alder to be debriefed."

Jorgina nodded. "Yes ma'am. "


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