USS Lantau
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Posted on Tue Mar 19th, 2019 @ 10:40am by Lieutenant Shr'Nesh Karadis & Captain Evelynn Haught

Mission: Vivere aut non vivere ...
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current.

Evelynn turned to leave sickbay and saw the body of Commander Kerr laying on a bio-bed and an Indian woman sitting beside him who had obviously been crying.

Walking over to the bio-bed Evelynn pulled up a chair and sat down.

Karadis looked up when she heard the chair being moved, and on seeing it was the Commanding Officer, she stood up straight, quickly wiping her eyes to get rid of the tears that were there "Sorry Sir, I didn't realise you were here in Sickbay, is there something you need?"

"I just wanted to see how you were doing. I know you and the commander were close in friendship and wanted to see if there was anything that I can do for you." Evelynn sat down and indicated for the Lieutenant to do the same.

"That's very kind and generous of you Captain" Karadis said, accepting the offer to sit down again, "yes, in our own way we're very close" Karadis added. "I'm...angry if I'm honest" she continued, "not angry that Finch..., sorry, Commander Kerr died, though I am, but angry that I wasn't there with him so I could protect him, watch his back. We served together a long time, and this is, sorry, was, the first time he ever went into a dangerous life threatening situation without me being there with him, and I can't understand why he chose it that way!"

"Maybe he was trying to protect you." Evelynn paused a moment. "You know. Sometimes we can ask these questions and end up never finding out the true answer." said Evelynn. "And you should never blame yourself for someone's decisions."

She too felt at fault for the commanders death as it was her order or suggestion for the commander to go ahead with distributing the virus.

"He used to joke that one day he'd retire to his family home, or die trying" Karadis said, a sad half smile playing around her mouth "seems almost prophetic in a way Sir, don't you think?"

"Its all on how you look at it." said Evelynn. "We're Starfleet Officer's and we all knew the dangers we'd face when we signed up. So did Commander Kerr. Sometimes our paths are set and sometimes we choose our paths."

"That's very true Sir" Karadis answered. She shuffled a little in her seat so she could face the Captain and carried on "We did have, albeit a little while ago, a conversation regarding this situation. He told me that he had it in his last will and testament that he didn't want his body desecrated by doctors cutting it open or removing any of his internal organs in any way in an autopsy, he wanted it to remain whole so he could be returned home and buried in peace with those from his family who'd passed on before him. I realize that Dr. MacKenzie will want to carry out an autopsy Sir, but if you can double check his will to be sure that what I just said is in there and then let the good doctor know, I'd be grateful, as would the Commanders family."

"I've already taken care of that. I took the liberty of accessing that information before I came down and informed the doctor." said Evelynn. "She's disappointed but she understands."

Karadis nodded and said "Thank you Sir, and please, on behalf of Commander Kerr's family, thank the doctor for their understanding as well. I reported what happened with Commander Kerr to Intelligence HQ, and they've informed me that they've re-routed the ISV Brussard to rendezvous with us in a couple of hours so that they can bring Commander Kerr and myself back to Earth so I can take his body to his family."

"Will you be returning to the ship afterwards?" ask Evelynn. She somehow had a feeling the she already knew the answer.

"I honestly don't know Captain, this hasn't really sunk in with me to think that he's gone, I need time..." Karadis answered truthfully.

"That's understandable." said Evelynn. Before she could continue she heard the chirp of the Lieutenants commbadge.

Karadis COMM badge chirruped and a voice came across saying "Bridge to Lieutenant Karadis, the ISV Brussard has signalled to say that they've made up some time and will able to rendezvous within ninety minutes."

Tapping her COMM badge, Karadis replied "Karadis to bridge, acknowledged, out."

Turning back to the Captain she said "I need to make preparations for taking Commander Kerr's body on board the Intel vessel Sir. It's been an honour to have served with you here on board the USS Lantau Captain, she's a fine fine vessel, with a wonderful crew and Senior Staff."

Evelynn stood up. "I relieve you of your current duties here on the USS Lantau and I am assigning you as honor guard, and the pleasure was mine having you on the ship. I hope that one day our paths will cross again."

"Thank you Sir, that's very kind of you and I hope so to" Karadis replied, as she stood up from her seat when the Captain did from theirs.

She watched as the Captain turned and left Sickbay. Turning round, she moved over to when Finchley's body lay and her head dropped slightly.

"It's time to go" she said softly, laying her hand on Finchley's arm. The nursing staff had already shown her how she could use the antigrav part of the bio-bed to move the body of Commander Kerr. She activated it and watched as the top third of the bio-bed raised itself up a couple of inches and she manoeuvred it round towards the door. She started moving it forward and as she came to the doors of Sickbay they slid smoothly open.

As the bio-bed moved through them, Finchley's right index finger twitched almost imperceptibly...

Fleet Captain Evelynn Haught
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Shr'Nesh Karadis
Starfleet Intelligence


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