USS Lantau
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A New Brew For A New Crew

Posted on Sat Feb 23rd, 2019 @ 6:29pm by Ensign Jeff Elazar

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Jeff Elazar's Office, Earth
Timeline: Prior to Mission


The wind whispered inside the room from an open window and darted across the rim of glass that contained a cool, fizzy-like beverage inside. A sound of microscopic bubbles bursting could be heard as the occupant of the room turned his attention towards the vessel containing the freshly replicated elixir of beer, reached out towards it to retrieve the object and bring it back for a final reflection of things that had been, and more importantly, things yet to come.

Jeff sat alone in his office, surrounded by filing cabinets filled to the brim with scholarly papers and other assorted collections of articles and news-clippings from various sources gathered throughout his career thus far. But instead of being strewn about the office sporadically as one would expect of a professional academic, everything was neatly packed up into boxes and two cabinets. An academic career was being put on hold indefinitely in exchange for a career to put everything that he had learned, and had developed as new knowledge would now be put into practical purpose.

A PADD was the only item left on the desk in the room with its text left open to read for anyone who turned their eyes towards it: TRANSFER OF ENSIGN JEFF ELAZAR TO USS LANTAU APPROVED.

Some people prefer to be astronomers, viewing the universe from the safety of their observatories, collecting data and formulating hypotheses. And then others preferred to be astronauts, physically going out into space, interacting with their environments and putting hypotheses to various tests and ultimately disproving them, or proving them. Jeff was the former, preferring to write down his ideas and leaving others to prove them for him. The trouble was, there wasn't really anyone willing to help him accomplish that goal. So rather than let his theories die untested, Jeff decided to set out and see for himself how his sociopolitical thoughts would pan out.

Or so he chose to believe. For in fact, there was no further career progression staying behind at the Academy. He attained the highest level of academic stature possible. The next logical development was to work on his Starfleet career. As it turned out, Starfleet was in demand for those wearing the absolutely lovely and stunning purple uniform. And quite frankly, Jeff looked good in it too.

The door to his office opened with an group of enlisted operations personnel who came inside. "Sir, are you ready to leave yet?"

Jeff finished up his beer, recycled the now empty glass and stood up from his desk. "Yes, I do believe I am ready to embark on a new chapter in my life. Let's make way with all due haste before I change my mind, shall we?" Picking up his briefcase, Jeff packed the aforementioned PADD inside and left his office behind once and for all, ready for new experiences - especially the kind that would give him even more brewing possibilities.

And so, the travel from Earth to the far reaches of space where the Lantau was located began, and it wasn't at all a long trip really. With the multiple shuttle, runabout, and starship layovers, the transit system of Starfleet was quite efficient when it needed to be. A simple flyby of the Lantau and one last transporter beam-out was all it took for Jeff to find himself now squarely inside the secondary transporter room of the Lantau itself. With his agenda of tasks to get on with undertaking, Jeff knew the transition would go along as well as could be expected. Little did he know that sticking to his agenda would turn out to be futile...


Ensign Jeff Elazar
Chief Diplomatic Officer


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