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Starfleet Sends a Diplomat

Posted on Sun Mar 31st, 2019 @ 5:42pm by Ensign Jeff Elazar & Captain Evelynn Haught

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Captain's Ready Room


Of course, as any diplomatic officer would know, the first meet-and-greet with their new Commanding Officer was essential. After all, the ship's political expert and the ship's captain would need to develop a strong working relationship quite quickly so as to prevent conflicts from happening - a nightmare for any peacekeeper for sure.

Among the first items on Jeff's agenda was indeed to meet the ship's captain, and so after having checked into his quarters and settling in, Jeff departed for the nearest turbolift and proceeded into the tube structure. Every time he stepped into one, a small part of him felt like the contents of one his glasses of beer. And he truly didn't mind the feeling of the swish and swash as flexibility was a key component of every facet of life.

Unfortunately, so was efficiency. The turbolift swiftly arrived at the ship's bridge and Jeff stepped out and took a look around him to gather his bearings. No doubt he was going to spend a lot of time on the bridge, though he was unsure of what his station was going to be. What he was looking for, and sure enough he found with little problem, was the classic anthropological signs of the office of 'big man'. Ironically, Jeff's knowledge was being used to find the 'big woman' instead.

Jeff walked over to the Captain's Ready Room and pressed the door chime, completely aware that others on the bridge were somewhat staring at him. It wasn't often that you saw officers in purple uniforms on starships, let alone ones far enough away from politically significant areas of the Federation.

[Ready Room]

Fleet Captain Evelynn Haught sat somewhat comfortably on her couch that sat along the window looking out into space. She had been reading a book and had replaced the bookmark and layed the book down and simply stared out into the massive starscape that was outside her window.

Coming out of her reverie at the sound of her door chime Evelynn placed the book over on the side table and stood up. "Come in." she called out.

The invitation to enter did indeed pass through on the intercom nearby the door. Jeff adjusted his uniform to ensure that he looked as well as could be expected before meeting the Captain. He wasn't nervous as per the usual fare of first time meet and greets. There was no hesitation due to fear of a superior officer, but there was a brief moment of time where Jeff felt as though a new kind of relationship needed to be formed, one of which he didn't have the requisite experience necessary to develop with relative ease. Only time would tell its true nature.

Jeff pressed the control panel to open the doors and walked through to find a woman standing before him with an unusual feature which immediately caught Jeff's eye. Instead of the standard four gold pips on the woman's collar, there was five. It was highly uncommon to meet Fleet Captains nowadays, and this presented itself as a more intriguing political land...spacescape for Jeff to maneuver. "Good day Captain," started Jeff. "Ensign Jeff Elazar reporting for duty as your new Chief Diplomatic Officer."

Evelynn smiled at the young Ensign standing before her. "Welcome aboard Ensign. I'm Fleet Captain Evelynn Haught. Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable." said the captain as she offered a spot on the couch.

Casting his gaze briefly towards the couch in the room, Jeff nodded his head politely and approached the comfy place to sit and took a seat. Cushioned places to hunker down for a while were excellent places to set up shop, and Jeff was pleased that his new captain at least knew to make newcomers feel comfortable and welcome, a trait that a diplomat knew all too well to use constantly. "Thank you Captain, don't mind if I do."

"I'm not your typical strict Commanding Officer that your instructors tell you at the Academy. I prefer to have my crew and members of my senior staff be at ease when they are in here." she said indicating the ready room.

"So Ensign, tell me a little bit about yourself that I usually wouldn't find in a personnel report."

Jeff was a little taken aback by the question at first. Divulging a personal detail about his life right off the bat wasn't the most ideal start to building a relationship, but there it was. The question was asked, the line crossed, and Jeff needed to come up with an answer sooner rather than later. He stood up from the couch and went over to the Captain's replicator and proceeded to order from the machine. "Computer, one glass of Dutch pale lager with 7% more hops than standard."

The replicator materialized the drink out of thin air and the faint aroma of synthesized alcohol filled the room modestly. Jeff picked up the glass and brought it to the Captain. "Well, you should know that I am an self-taught beer expert, and I do find that even a small amount of this wonderful gift from nature has a unique blessing in that it helps remedy conflicts that I encounter in my work. Go ahead and try it," encouraged the Ensign.

Evelynn generally never drank alcohol in her ready room but she was curious about the drink. Taking the offered drink she took a small sip. As the flavor touched her palate her eyes widened a little. "Now I'm not much of a beer drinker but I must say this is pretty flavorful."

A smile immediately appeared across Jeff's face. He was delighted to know that his concoction had impressed the Captain. Given her admission of inexperience with alcohol, the compliment was still well received by the Ensign. "I'm glad you like it. And don't worry about the...medicinal ingredients. It's synthehol and you can definitely drink it while on duty."

Jeff allowed a little more time to pass before launching into his own line of inquiry. "So, on the flip side, what's something I wouldn't know about you just by reading your service record, Captain?" Already the political moves were happening, even if only on a microscopic scale. The smallest moves were often the most important, especially in helping to develop positive relationships with those around you.

Evelynn thought for a moment and then pointed at a sculpture sitting on a shelf along the far wall. "You see that sculpture over there?"

Looking over where the Captain had indicated, Jeff saw what could only be described as an expertly-made sculpture of what easily could be determined as a handsome hummingbird in a position of drinking the nectar of a beautiful tulip while actively participating in the act of pollination. "Yes I do, a remarkable sculpture indeed. Might I ask who made that?"

"When I was nine years old I was outside playing in the dirt." she could sense a quizzical look coming her way. "I know, strange but anyway, I mixed some clay and water together and just began playing around with it and before I knew it I had made a sculpture."

Taking another sip of her drink Evelynn continued. "That's when I decided to pursue sculpting in school. I made that little sculpture right before I left for the Academy."

Jeff got up from the couch and went in to take a closer look at the statuette giving his gaze completely to it while addressing the Captain again. "I'm certainly no art critic by any stretch of the imagination, but this seems to me to be something greater than any apprentice could design. You should be proud of this craftsmanship," replied the Ensign, giving his one and only compliment about the piece.

"My parents wanted me to keep pursuing sculpturing, but I wanted to do something more than that. I wanted to broaden my horizons and explore the galaxy." said the captain as she took another sip of her drink.

The piece of artwork soon lost its power over Jeff and he was able to return his full attention to the Captain, while moving back to the couch to join her. "As is the case with the vast majority of us in Starfleet," replied the Ensign. While it wasn't true for himself, he knew it was the truth with many other officers and he used that little bit of information to his advantage to help develop a closer bond with the Captain too. "You seem to be enjoying that drink a lot, and that pleases me."

"Are you trying to loosen me up Ensign?" asked Evelynn eyeing the drink in her hand. She secretly eyed the young ensign out of the corner of her eyes to see how he was reacting to that question.

Jeff looked at his Captain and grinned. "Among other things, yes," replied the Ensign. "Far too often conversations can lose control over themselves and people can get too caught up in their own little worlds. Some beer has the unique ability to reshape our perceptions, both literally and figuratively, so that we can see other perspectives." Jeff was enjoying this first meeting a lot, and with good reason. "So Captain, is there anything I should know before commencing my duties onboard this ship?"

She shook her head in a no gesture. "I don't think so." she said. She took her final swig of the drink. "Do you have any questions before you start your shift?"

Seeing the now empty glass, Jeff was able to determine that their meeting too was nearly coming to an end. "As a matter of fact, I do. How would you rate yours and Lantau's political presence in the area? Are there any unique relationships and circumstances that I should be made aware of without surprising me to them?" questioned the Ensign.

"We are still in uncharted territories. We know of the species the starship Voyager and the starship Equinox encountered and there are still new species out there that we just haven't met yet." said the captain.

Initially, Jeff had some reservations about what the Captain had just said. But then it occurred to him that he was going to be able to be the first one to establish those new diplomatic relationships with other species. While the thought of overwhelming field work made him slightly uneasy with the idea, the larger thought of having a huge sample size to prove his theories made him feel right as rain. "That's good news then. I should probably get going then." Jeff stood up from the couch, walked over to the Captain, retrieved the glass and recycled it in the replicator and politely dismissed himself. "I'll be off now, if you need me I'll be just a communicator tap away." And with that, Jeff left the Ready Room with renewed vitality.


Ensign Jeff Elazar
Chief Diplomatic Officer


Fleet Captain Evelynn Haught
Commanding Officer


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