USS Lantau
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Morning Briefing

Posted on Sun Sep 16th, 2018 @ 2:07am by Lieutenant JG Rachael Shelbourne & Captain Evelynn Haught & Lieutenant Commander Johnny Walker & Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri & Lieutenant JG Yirvass Daar (Prureen) & Lieutenant JG Addison MacKenzie

Mission: Vivere aut non vivere ...
Location: Observation/Conference Lounge -- Deck 1

Captain Evelynn Haught sat in her quarters eating breakfast silently. Glancing over at the chronometer she saw that it was getting close to seven in the morning. Reaching up she tapped her combadge.

=^= Haught to all senior staff. Report to the observation lounge in ten minutes. =^=

Evelynn got up from the table and placed her plate and glass in the food replicator. "Recycle," she said. A low hum and swirling lights materialized the plate and glass back into the replicator.

Gathering up some padds off her desk the Captain made her way to the observation lounge for the morning briefing.

[Science Lab 1]

Rachael Shelbourne had been working since 0400 hours on gathering more information about the "Dead Zone" and hadn't realized that it was close to seven in the morning until she heard the captain's voice over the comms. "I wonder if this has anything to do with the CLip or the area itself," she said to herself. "Let's get this meeting over with so that I can get back to figuring this area out."

[Engineering Office]

J'Loni was drinking her racktajino when she heard the call. "A little early isn't it? I haven't even had my eggs yet", she said to William who was busily wolfing down his eggs. "Yes it is wife", he said between the eggs and bacon. "Jeez man don't talk with your mouth full", she said laughing, picking up a PADD and taking her coffee with her.

J'Loni made her way through the corridors to the lift and to Deck 1. Exiting on Deck 1, she found the Observation Lounge and walked in, "Morning Captain, kinda early though. My eggs are gonna get cold", she said chuckling. Taking her seat near the captain's chair she sat down and waited for the rest to enter.


Yirvass was on bridge duty as the call came in double tapping the chronometer on his station he set the alarm for eight minutes knowing it would leave him plenty of time to get to the observation lounge. He finished up his quick diagnostic of the new systems and just as the alarm went off he started making his way to his destination. Over the shortest distance to walk he was the second to arrive and was able to watch as Captain Haught took her seat. "Good morning Ma'am" getting himself a coffee from the replicator.

[XO's Office]

Johnny was going over the report that he and Commander Kerr had put together. He'd read the report three times, remembering the logs that Kerr had his team clean up and still didn't want to believe what he knew to be in the report. "Looking at it will not change the facts that are in this report." He said, shaking his head. When the call came in to head to the briefing, Johnny closed the report and headed over to the Observation Lounge.


Addison had been up for a while - it was her routine to either get in a run or swim, have breakfast and review all reports before her shift had started. Sitting at the desk in her office, she received the call from Captain Haught requiring the senior staff. She downloaded the research she presented to Commander Walker onto a PADD and rose from her desk to make her way to the observation lounge.


Finchley had taken to the holodeck and was trying to extrapolate more information from the logs in regards to what could be in the Dead Zone. The information was a little sketchy, but some of the readings from the Science logs and from the Security search logs had given pause for thought and further examination.

"Computer, the EM emissions that were recorded, could they be the product of a vess...", and he was then cut short by the call from the Captain to meet in the observation lounge. Tapping his COMM badge he replied to the CO that he was on his way. A few minutes later, he entered the lounge, got himself a iced coffee and made his way to the top of the table and sat in the seat to the right of the CO's chair. Looking around the room, he silently acknowledged the officers who were already there.

[Observation/Conference Lounge]

"Good morning everyone. Sorry for the early morning meeting but we need to get to the bottom of this mystery. Who wants to go first?" asked Evelynn.

"I will, ma'am," Addison said. "Sensors couldn't find any biological contaminants aboard the Clip. However, when I compared the crew manifest with the scan that Iota Station took as the Clip departed, there were two additional lifeforms not included on the manifest. Either they're Starfleet personnel who are working undercover, or they weren't supposed to be on that ship in the first place."

"So far as I'm aware Sir, there haven't been any reports or even rumors of undercover Starfleet Intelligence officers being on the USS Clip when she left Iota Station" Finchley offered up.

"In regards to anything we can attain from the logs of the Clip, the following excerpt was one of the clearest we could get" he carried on. Taking the PADD he'd brought with him, he increased the sound volume and started the message '"EM frequency degradation leads to the Dead...don't know exactly what..Indications are we inve...Captain uncertain but in origin', then he switched it off.

"As best as we can tell, and draw any kind of conclusion along with EM trails we uncovered in the area of the Dead Zone, the most likely suggestion is that we're up against the Borg, but not Borg that fit's what we currently know of, this is something different, they've adapted a new system of capturing targets. The best, but also the most basic, description of these drones we can give is, they're....'sneaky'!"

He looked around the table at those present, "They're now setting up traps to 'draw in' those they wish to assimilate, rather than just go after them!"

"So this mystery just keeps getting stranger and stranger. We have two unidentified life-forms that are unaccounted for and we have EM signatures that are of Borg origin but where are they. From what I'm hearing right now they are acting like Venus fly traps or a trap door spider. Drawing in their prey and then close the trap." spoke up the Chief Science Officer Rachael Shelbourne.

Finally Yirvass, had something to say he had be losing over the logs of ships that had, had contact with the Borg since the Voyagers return, he had gleaned a singular piece of information, that may blow this wide open. "Captain I have seen something that might have a massive blow. The EM bands and signature as the Chief Science Officer so rightly just said seem wrong for the Borg. The one example however and I hope I am wrong that seem to have the right signature is actually from the otherwise of Borg space. The one example I have found of these for of signatures is Species 7842.

"Well I don't want to rain on the parade but....yes we have determined that the EM signature is of Borg origin, but...somehow they have adapted a way to change it", J'Loni said. "It has all the qualities that a normal Borg EM signature, however, we have found an additional signature embedded in it. It seems that they have acquired the technology to change their signature to lure other races to check it out", she added.

"We have no indications from any of the logs we've managed to get information from, or any of the readings from the EM signatures we ourselves have picked up, that this is anything other than likely being Borg" Finchley added in support "If you're referring to the species that the Borg designated eight four seven two, but as we know as Undine" he said, turning to the Chief Security Officer "we have no indications to support their presence. It's not to say it's not theoretically possible, but it's extremely unlikely. If I may suggest Sir" he said, now turning to the CO, "the best way for us to determine what's happened to the USS Clip's crew is to proceed, with caution of course, into the Dead Zone and try to find out."

tapping a communications button on the panel embedded into the table Evelynn spoke. "Haught to Bridge. Take us further into the 'Dead Zone' and keep the sensors active and on the lookout for any Borg signatures."

"Aye ma'am." came the reply of the duty officer.

Looking back over her staff. "Any other discussions we need to bring to the table?"

"I have one question Sir" Finchley said "and as harsh as it sounds it is relevant to our situation, are we on 'kill or capture' orders?"

"I'm not sure at this moment commander. If we are attacked we would defend ourselves of course but to capture them and see why they are different than the Borg we are used to could be secondary." said Haught.

"Very good Sir, I just wanted to make sure" Finchley replied."

"As long as we don't run into any spatial anomalies, or rifts or otherwise things what would make the engines go crazy, I have no problems with going into the Dead Zone. As for the Borg, when we find them, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for them from the last time we met", J'Loni said.

" If there is nothing else. You are all dismissed. I want the ship ready for anything." looking to her first officer. "Commander I want you to start battle drills for each duty shift."

"Understood, ma'am." Johnny replied.

Evelynn watched as her staff set off to do their duties.


Fleet Captain Evelynn Haught
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Finchley Kerr
Chief Intelligence Officer/2XO

Lieutenant J.G. Rachael Shelbourne
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant (jg) Yirvass Daar
Chief Security and Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Commander Johnny Walker
Executive Officer

Lieutenant J.G. Addison MacKenzie
Chief Medical Officer

Lt. JG. J'Loni Mo'Bri
Chief Engineering Officer


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