USS Lantau

Captain to Captain

Posted on Tue Jul 24th, 2018 @ 12:42am by Captain Evelynn Haught

Mission: Vivere aut non vivere ...
Location: USS Clip Ready Room

Captain Envelynn Haught walked over to the entrance of the Clip's Ready Room door. Reaching out she touched the small door panel to gain access to the private room.

As the doors opened there was a sense of darkness that had enveloped the room and Evelynn couldn't see anything but what her wrist beacon was letting her see. Panning the room she could tell that it was a standard sized ready room which is common on small ships such as the Nova class.

Stepping in further Evelynn walked over to the desk which adorned the back wall. Walking behind the desk she sat down and began to work. Tapping a few controls on the terminal in front of her she got it to come to life.

"Computer, this is Captain Evelynn Haught, Captain of the USS Lantau and Task Force Commander of Task Force 37. Request access to Captain's Logs of USS Clip."

The computer beeped and chirped. "Authorization Required to access Captain's Logs."

"Computer. Authorization code Haught 3-9-6 Alpha-Uniform. Clearance Level 10."

The computer chirped again once more. "Authorization Granted."

Scrolling through the many Captain's Logs of Captain Hypes, Evelynn found the ones that she waned to hear.

"Computer play Captain Hypes's log for Stardate 67874.202."

"Captain's Log Stardate 67874.202, Captain Jorgina Hypes, CO.

The USS Clip has arrived at what my crew has officially dubbed the "Dead Zone". There appears to no sign of life what so ever and my first Officer Commander Fiona Davidson and my Science Chief Dr Unibar Theron have repeatedly told me that this could be a great opportunity for a scientific mission to explore this region of space. I must say that it does seem interesting but Starfleet Command at Iota Station has sent us out here to investigate something.

After finishing the log Captain Haught turned the terminal off. "Computer download the rest of Captain Hypes Logs to my tricorder."

The computer beeped and chirped. "Transfer in progress. Remaining time to download, one minute and forty five seconds."

After the download finished Evelynn got up from the ready room chair and rejoined the rest of the awayteam on the bridge.


Captain Evelynn Haught
Commanding Officer
USS Lantau

Captain Jorgina Hypes (NPC played by Capt. Haught)
Commanding Officer
USS Clip