USS Lantau

Lieutenant Celina Chambers, MD

Name Celina Chambers, MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5" 8"
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Celina is rather attractive and very fit, Doctor Chambers believes she should lead by example when giving her patients medical advice. The Doctor works out almost daily, as long as it doesn't interfere with her duty. She has long blonde hair that she usually wears pulled back or in some sort of up do while on duty. She's always been told her eyes are very captivating, but she never thought of herself anything other than plain.


Father Commodore Jason Chambers – Star Fleet Intelligence - Classifed Assignment
Mother Captain Renee Chambers, MD – Commanding Officer – USS Apollo
Brother(s) Lieutenant Junior Grade Kevin Chambers – Assistant Chief Engineer – USS Hera
Other Family Admiral Calvin Harper - Star Fleet Command
Doctor Cynthia Harper - Star Fleet Command

Personality & Traits

General Overview Celina is general calm under pressure and enjoys what she does in services to the Federation. Her mother would just say she came by it naturally, but the Doctor has superb bedside manner. She follows in her mothers foot steps as a Star Fleet Medical Officer and considers herself a very dedicated Star Fleet Officer. She's an excellent emergency medical physician and dose well in away team situations, partially because of the training her Intelligence Officer father gave both his children as they grew up.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Expert emergency medicine physician
+Great field medic
+Great bedside manner
+Decent hand to hand combatant
+Decent with a phaser

-Weak with engineering manners
-Not a great at the helm of a star ship
-Will sacrifice herself for her patients
-Not afraid to question her superiors when it comes to medical concerns or the life of her patient.
-Not sure what she wants in life
-Keep a close circle usually
Ambitions Celina isn't sure if she wants to continue serving as a Medical Officer aboard star ships and in that type of capacity, try out for a teaching position or follow in her mothers foot steps and set her ambitions of the command track.
Hobbies & Interests Celina enjoys continuing her education in Star Fleet Medicines training programs. They offer holo deck training for doctors on the go. When she is off duty she enjoys reading, hanging out with her friends, holo deck time. Celina is considering learning a musical instrument or perhaps some sort of art to go along with her hobbies of working out or some sort of physical activity whenever she can.

Personal History It was early on an April morning in the year of 2363 one of the original Galaxy Class star ships welcomed their newest family member. As the Chief Medical Officer handed his Assistant Medical Officer her newborn child, Lieutenant Junior Grade Renee Chambers looked up at her husband and smiled “Celina” she said her smile growing. As the ship shook and went to red alert Jason kissed his wife on the head and with a smile he gave a confident “Be right back” and he quickly made his exit from the sickbay. As a new father Lieutenant Chambers had even more reason to keep the USS Colorado and her crew safe.

A few years later the Celina spent a year and a half with her grandparents on Star base 201, where her grandparents took care of her while her parents and the crew of the Colorado went on a rather dangerous mission. Whatever happened during their mission became classified and the ship while Command decided if they wanted to refit or retire the Miranda Class star ship the crew were given a shore leave.

Nine months after that shore leave Doctor Chambers was Chief Medical Officer aboard a Galaxy Class star ship and Lieutenant Commander Chambers was on a special assignment as he was not a member of Star Fleet Intelligence. The USS Pluto was on mostly exploratory missions and most of the crew grew very close over their first several months together on the newly commissioned ship. However during the Dominion War the Pluto and her crew were called to the front lines, luckily children and civilians were mostly evacuated. Leaving Celina and her little brother back at her grandparents, who were also mostly busy during this time.

Luckily as children that were on a base far from the front lines the Chambers children were sort of protected from what was happening in the Dominion War. Of course they would learn about it eventually as they went through their studies and even more when they went to the Academy.

When Celina entered her basic studies at Star Fleet Academy, her mother had already enrolled in the command training course and passed it with flying colors and her father was now the Captain of a ship assigned to Star Fleet Intelligence, of course his family knew nothing as everything was CLASS IFED. Celina already had planed to follow in her mothers foot steps and attend Star Fleet Medical and as she advanced she had the grades to get accepted and started her training.

She did well in her classes and focused mostly on her work, not allowing for much of a social life or guys. Celina also did well in close quarters combat training and decent in weapons training, thanks to lessons from her father every time he got the chance to instruct his children to defend themselves. Their parents planned for both of their children to enter Star Fleet and luckily they wouldn't disappoint.

Kevin was very intelligent and followed behind his sister, but entered and excelled at basic engineering and Star Fleet propulsion systems. Doctor Chambers gained her first assignment aboard the USS Alexander as Medical Officer. During a time of peace and exploration Celina considered it an honor to learn from her superior officer and mentor Doctor T'vera, who was very strict on Celina. Little did she know T'vera would make a lasting impact on the young Doctor during their five years together. T'vera made Doctor Chambers her Assistant Chief Medical Officer when the current ACMO was promoted and given their own sickbay.

With in the next year Celina was given her own sickbay aboard the newly commissioned USS Caraway. It seemed Star Fleet was luckily at a point where they could produce a few extra ships per year and the officers that did well were promoted quickly. The crew would face their fair share of challenges together from battle situations to helping a Federation planet on the outside of Federation territory with a medical crisis. Despite their many successful missions together the ship was destroyed and only a few dozen members of the crew escaped to the planet they were in orbit of. They were rescued and returned to a near by star base just two days after the Caraway and so many friends and fellow officers were lost.

Doctor Chambers felt she had a good amount of experience under her belt at this point and requested not to take her full leave. Star Fleet Command decided the Doctor would be well suited for missions in the Delta Quadrant and Doctor Chambers was sent to the Delta Quadrant as quickly as possible to join up with the USS Lantau where she would over see the medical department.